We offer a variety of Traditional Chinese Massage options, based on “Tui Na”, to help you relax from head to toe. The Tui Na based massage therapy focuses on pinching, stretching and kneading movements. Tui Na works to alleviate problems such as musculoskeletal conditions and headache. You can also combine your treatment with pedicures and/or manicures. And if you want to learn how to massage we also offer a 15 week intensive course.

Full body massage

  • Price per 60 minutes €50

A Traditional Chinese Massage is the perfect way to relax. A variety of massage and manipulation techniques, such as pinching, stretching and kneading help realign muscle tissue and ease out tension leaving you relaxed and refreshed. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine may be used to help with problem areas.

Head, neck, shoulders & back

  • Price per 30 minutes €33

Get rid of head, neck, shoulders and back tension and stress with this specially focused treatment. Great for tension headaches, shoulder and back stress. Your hands and feet are also massaged for a complete upper body treatment. Based on Tui Na, this massage option is available either as a chair or table massage.

Head, neck, shoulders and foot

  • Price per 45 minutes €45

Chair massage

  • Price per 20 minutes €23

Chair massage is a brief, effective treatment using various kneading and finger pressure techniques. It is an effective pressure point massage of the head, neck, shoulder, back, arms, hands. Using thumbs, palms and elbows, pressure is applied to acupressure points and meridians (energy pathways). The treatment lasts 30 to 60 minutes on a specially designed ergonomic chair for. Chair massage provides protection against common work-related complaints such as stress, work pressure and RSI. A Chair massage may improve your blood circulation, promote the disposal of waste toxins and acids from the blood, improve muscle tone, and help restore your energy leaving you relaxed and refreshed!

Foot massage

  • Price per 30 minutes €33
  • Price per 60 minutes €50

The ancient practice of Chinese Foot Massage is based on healing by stimulating the acupuncture points based on the principle of reflexology. Thumb and finger pressure is applied to specific parts of the foot bringing welcome relief to the corresponding part of the body. A warm foot bath before your foot massage relaxes tired feet and helps simulate blood flow around the body.

Sports massage

  • Price per 60 minutes €55

A Sports Massage offers you a deep tissue massage that stimulates blood flow around the body and back to the limbs. In addition, this massage focuses on joint, ligament and tendons, muscular imbalances as well as limb movement, flexibility and mobility.

Remaining massages

  • Deep tissue massage (tafel) (30 minutes) €33
  • Deep tissue massage (60 minutes) €55
  • Full body massage deep tissue (90 minutes) €85
  • Tuinamassage (60 minutes) €80
  • Massage therapie (60 minutes) €60
  • Chinese massage (red flower oil) (60 minutes) €55